What should you consider when looking at your Cannabis Company? It is not as simple as it sounds.  Here are some things you should probably consider.

This is real advice, from real professionals for your I-502 Business.

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Protecting your crops.

A normal day for me can include everything from a day in the office without seeing daylight to one that includes walking through the woods to find property corners to the cow field to the lakefront property to the dank moldy basement of a foreclosed property to the bathroom of a gas station to a production facility to the retail store.  Out of all those locations, the gas station bathroom is usually the only one I’m afraid to touch anything in, HA!

Lucky for you, I’m conscious enough of where I have been and preventing cross contamination so will wash up and change my clothing and shoes prior to visiting your production or processing facility (especially indoor!).  On the days I know I’ll be out, I carry changes of clothing in my truck or structure your visit first, so the rest of the day won’t put you at risk.  When I do have a question and maybe couldn’t change my boots that day, then I’ve always told the manager before I enter the facility where my concern is and let them decide. 

I have been through a number of facilities and have never yet been asked to wear booties or where I had been prior to opening the door.  That’s a little concerning.

Your crops and product are your livelihood.  Should you put some protocols in place before touring people through the facility?  Especially, when buyers are out touring multiple locations in a single day… or such as the LCB officers who visit many locations daily… weekly… monthly.

Let’s think about it for a second.  For those of you creating an indoor environment (even though it's much more expensive) that location is heaven for pests and diseases with regular controlled lighting, warm temperatures, plenty of water, and no predators.  Given the setting, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask your visitors to wear boot covers or provide covering to protect your crops.  If you’re growing indoors, then you should think of it like a clean room at the hospital.

I’m just looking out for your interests.  That’s what I do.  We all need to succeed for this to be worth it, so let’s treat the business like a business.  

Make your troubles disappear.  Hire the professionals.

Jennifer Hudson

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