What should you consider when looking at your Cannabis Company? It is not as simple as it sounds.  Here are some things you should probably consider.

This is real advice, from real professionals for your I-502 Business.

What's it worth today?

The value of most anything comes down to supply and demand. 

Think of supply and demand like the line from Al Capone in the The Untouchables.

“When you got an all-out prize fight, you wait until the fight is over, one guy is left standing.  “N that’s how you know you won.”

When you got an all-out prize fight, you wait until the fight is over, one guy is left standing.
’N that’s how you know you won
— Al Capone, The Untouchables

Market prices are driven by the highest and best, right?

So, what is your cannabis business company worth RIGHT NOW?

The market fluctuates constantly, but today, we are selling companies whose only asset is the license with the following rates…

Tier 1 between $40,000-$65,000

Tier 2 between $150,000-$175,000

Tier 3 between $200,000-$250,000

If you have a location, inventory, equipment, etc… that value adds even more.

Just recently, I heard about a seller who let their Tier 3 go for only $45,000!  That guy left $200,000 on the table.  Even after the taxes, that’s a whole lot of money to leave out there that he could have had.

Retail stores vary on the location, but overall we are getting much better at calculating multipliers and projecting future sales from locations.  Call us for your specific location for accurate numbers.

Can you sell your company yourself?  Sure.  Could you get more from a professional who has the right contacts and knows how to close a deal?  Probably.  Even after our costs, you’ll still be ahead.

We are the experts in Cannabis Companies in Washington.


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