Will Public Consumption Come Through?

Do you think Washington will ever allow cannabis use in public places?

According to the Denverite, a local Colorado newspaper [], the city has begun accepting applications for “social pot spots” which are public places, in this case including an arcade, where you can consume cannabis.

Initiative 300, passed in January, began the legal process for licensing applications, and lays the groundwork for rules about using marijuana in public spaces that are not solely designated for cannabis consumption, such as restaurants. The rules can be read here []

Strangely enough, the city hasn’t had any “Cannabis Consumption Establishment License” or CCEL applications, although many may be planning to apply.


How many people tried to buy a daycare?

Remember the mad dash with I-502 at the beginning?  It was a land scramble to try and find a spot that might work… just to find out later you needed to find a different one because of some secret in-home daycare that wouldn’t sell and move.  Sheesh!  We bought a lot of random daycares during that time, didn’t we?

For local marijuana consultant Logan Goolsby, the issue is about logistics.  I think they secretly mean buffers and setbacks, but that’s ok, we'll call it "logistics".

Some officials are suggesting that a location like Logan is proposing (such as an arcade) won’t open until the fall, but hey, it’s a step forward, right?

Hopefully Colorado can set an example for those of us pushing for lounges and places where you can enjoy your products with a night out on the town.  Because, that would just make the night out that much more enjoyable.

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Jennifer Hudson