Thinking Like a Spy - Part 2

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Thinking Like a Spy May Keep Your Business Running: Spy Tips – Part 2

Last week we learned how getting headbutted by a deranged mugger on the train is a lot like running a cannabusiness. That might not make sense – or maybe it does. Either way, check out all previous issues of theDailyBlunt on our website, or following the link below.

Today, we’re continuing with our discussion about things we can learn from spies that prepare us for business success.

Today we’re looking at how you can protect yourself from AMPs.

In case you didn’t realize it, spies like acronyms, so we will create one here.

So, what is an AMP?

Is it an accelerated mobile page?  No.  Does it mean “ain’t my problem” in a text?  No.

It’s the Anti-Marijuana People.

This not meant in a derogatory way, at all.  They’re just something you have to be aware of.

The Anti-Marijuana People, especially the retired ones who have found themselves with a lot of time on their hands, seem to go looking for trouble and nose their way into other people’s business.

The AMPs should make you aware of your surroundings.  You already know to be on the lookout for LCB and police, but the ones that can really sneak up on you are the AMPs.  The problem is that the retired ones don’t have anything to do, so they go around and look at things in the neighborhood.

There is actually a famous cautionary tale about little old people poking their noses into things that don’t involve them. 

I think it was around 1998, but there was a team of foreign spies breaking into a house at 2am in Switzerland.  The foreign spies where there to plant bugs in the home so they could gather intel.

What they didn’t realize is that a little old retired woman was across the street watching them break-in and then called the police.  Of course, then the police showed up and arrested the burglars…. Which ended up turning into an international incident.

Now, we don’t condone or excuse the behavior of breaking into people’s homes and planting bugs.  But, we bring it up as a cautionary tale and also a good resource.

The next time you think about moving your cannabis company into a new location, do a little homework of your own. 

Is the location surrounded with AMPs who will cause more grief that it’s worth?  Will one of those AMPs go straight to the LCB instead and cause problems for your license?  Will one of those AMPs end up creating a bigger headache than you want in an already trying industry?  If so, maybe think again.  Consider your surroundings before you submit your next change of location to the LCB.

On the other hand, if you are considering moving into a location, maybe go knock on the doors and see what the neighbors know.  If you run across a nice retired gentleman who knows a lot more than you think he should be what people are doing in the area…. Then your next move is to figure out if he is a supporter or an AMP.  A curious AMPs is the last thing you need, but a curious supporter could be your saving grace.

Need help finding a new spot or getting started?  Maybe you don’t want to deal with AMPs anymore and are thinking of selling.  Either way, we can help fix your situation.  Give us a call at (206) 466-4020 or to discuss your situation and figure out the best way to your new beginning.

Jennifer Hudson