National Institute on Drug Abuse Changes Language

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

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National Institute of Drug Abuse took baby steps, but we’ll take it.


Did you catch this?

The National Institute of Drug Abuse, or NIDA, revised their webpage recently.  While it is a small change in text that is published, I think it is a huge step in the right direction.

What is this small change about?

Well, NIDA now references “marijuana use disorder” instead of the previous “marijuana addiction”.  It seems small, right?  Let’s not talk about whether you agree or disagree with a marijuana use disorder, because that misses the point of this conversation.  The fact that a federal agency in charge of conducting research changed their terms on their public facing website to be less stringent and more embracing of cannabis use is a big deal.  Do you realize what we just said?  A FEDERAL agency is changing their tune. 

NIDA goes on to modify the language about overdoses and states very plainly that “There aren’t any reports of teens or adults dying from using marijuana alone.” 

These changes are all very subtle, but the point is they are shifting the conversation…. And in a good way. 

They have downplayed the talk about cannabis as a gateway drug and instead lump cannabis into the category with other legal drugs… such as alcohol and tobacco. 

Plus, the NIDA goes so far as to discuss both cannabis Sativa and cannabis Indica, as an effort to recognize how the public is becoming more and more educated about the product.

When we see changes like this, combined with changes where the FDA is seeking comments and feedback about CBD use, it gives us hope and keeps pointing toward federal legalization coming sooner than we may realize.

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Jennifer Hudson