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Are the Headlines Actually Hurting the Industry?

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that some of the publications regarded as cannabis supporters have a new skewed perspective on what they report as news? 

For example, the recent headlines for theCannabist:

•    DOJ is secretly using IRS to investigate Colorado marijuana businesses, lawsuit says
•    Cannabis farmers accused of offering California sheriff $1M bribe
•    NBA All-Star Zach Randolph faces misdemeanor marijuana charge in L.A.
•    Oregon ER doctor arrested in raid, accused of making cannabis oils illegally
•    Another yacht bust: 1,500 pounds of marijuana seized near Greece
•    Rhode Island police looking for man who left $40K of marijuana in building
•    Leader of marijuana smuggling ring in custody after 30 years on the lam

There are similar headlines for CannaPulse and now even Ganjapreneur seems to be turning the tone of their headlines to be more negative.

I understand the need for ratings and the unfortunate fact that sex and violence and other “bad things” sell, but don’t these headlines that are being cycled around both and in and out of the cannabis industry end up hurting all the good that is happening? Media outlets have an undeniable influence on the public, as well as the cannabusinesss people who are involved in the industry.

At CannaLocations, we don’t like being involved in an industry that the public sees as potentially criminal or predatory. That kind of degrading self-image takes a toll on business owners, even if they know it isn’t true. This is why we are leaders in change, and we want to use our position to hopefully shift the tone and aims of cannabis news outlets.

Finally, the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) in conjunction working with WHO (World Health Organization) puts out a statement looking for input on CBD effects and instead of taking this headline and talking about the potential good it could do and how maybe this is a chance to make progress in the right direction, the headlines instead talk about how the IRS is investigating and raids and seizures. 

I won’t deny those other things are happening, but as cannabusiness people it is our duty to take the higher road (no pun intended) and instead change the conversation into topics that benefit the industry.  Let’s change the conversation to talk about the good things this plant can do and how cannabusiness owners are giving back to the community instead.  As we have said before, as long as there is a gray area between the black and white markets, we will be held to a higher standard that every other business in existence… because those are the headlines the public sees.

Join us to change the conversation.  And, show your support while you’re at it.  We have legalize wristbands available in our store, but even more important, start talking about the benefits and why this industry should continue to grow. Whether that means you’re at the sales counter in a dispensary, or at the kitchen counter, take the conversation where you think it should go.

Do you have creative ideas and want to help with the outreach?  Let’s talk and work together to keep the industry moving in a positive direction.  Call us at (206) 466-4020 or  Together, we can lead the change.   

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