Sessions and Washington State Update

Welcome to theDailyBlunt, today is Wednesday, August 16, 2017

 As many of you may know, the Washington state government has long been in conversation  with Attorney General Jeff Sessions on the topic of the legal cannabis industry.

 The most recent exchange occurred when Sessions wrote a letter to Washington governor Jay  Inslee and Attorney General Robert Ferguson in a letter (which you can view here) that rose  some serious concerns about Washington regulations.

 The note that Sessions’ letter ends on, overall, was a positive one, “please advise as to how  Washington plans to address the findings in the Northwest HIDTA report…I also am open to  suggestions on marijuana policy and related matters as we work to carry out our duties…”
 What the tone of the letter may have implied, in our opinion, was negated by this final note.  However, we noticed the typical shifts in the i502 marketplace that are associated with  uncertainty. We even received some worried phone calls. But what we noticed then (and  spoilers, what we notice in the most recent letter) is that there wasn’t a:

•List of names
•Notice that the sky was falling
•Schedule to have boots on the ground kicking in i502 licensee door

 Most of all we were pleased to see what Inslee and Ferguson noted in their reply to Sessions –  that the information Sessions was working with in his July 24 letter was grossly outdated. Here’s  a quote pulled directly from the Washington pair which you can read here,

 “ raised concerns that “[T]he medical market [for marijuana] is considered ‘grey’ due to the  lack of regulation and oversight.” Importantly, NW HIDTA issued its March 2016 report shortly  before Washington fundamentally changed its medical marijuana laws.1We agree that prior to  2016, medical marijuana in Washington was not well regulated or supervised and possessed  many characteristics of a “gray market.”This state of affairs was not compatible with the kind of  well-regulated system that DOJ expects and that Washington had created for recreational  marijuana. Our State Legislature responded by passing reform legislation which became  effective in July 2016. Were aligned medical marijuana to bring it within the state’s far more  stringent recreational system.

 At CannaLocations, we’re glad to have elected officials that have their head on straight when it  comes to Cannabis. Drop a comment down below to let us know what you think – we sure know what Inslee and Ferguson think!

Jennifer Hudson