Q. Who do you represent?

A. We work with sellers of cannabis businesses in Washington State, primarily Retail Owners.

Q. How long have you been doing this?

A. We started after the Washington State passage of I-502 back in early 2014.

Q. How does your business work?

A. We are licensed brokers in Washington State and have been operating since 2005.

We represent a handful of qualified and approved buyers for I-502 Retail stores. If you are interested in selling your location quietly, then you need to call us for a confidential conversation. If your property is sold to one of our qualified buyers, then there are no fees paid by the seller.

However, if you are a seller and interested in listing your property, we need to have an indepth conversation first to see if you meet our criteria. If so, we operate our listings with an exclusive listing agreement only, and our fee is between 6-10%, depending on your business and location.

Q. Why the change in business model?

A. After many years working in the cannabis industry in Washington, we have found that we don't want to do business with just anyone. We represent a small number of qualified buyers and sellers who have a solid business plan or operation in place. We no longer spend time on "license only" type sales.